The service ensures the successful backup of your data and perform data restores.


If catastrophe strikes, your business systems and data must remain safe and available.The service ensures the successful backup of your data and perform data restores.


The only sure way to resolve a ransomware attack is to roll back the affected systems.


What Our Clients Says

Robert Melendez – Corporate Director of IT

I have partnered with Hexistor going on more than a decade. I use the word partner because in every sense of the word they are our partner in preserving our systems and services in times of disaster. We have used multiple products over the years. From Long term archival storage to ready available disaster recovery and bare bones restore systems. With each system comes new challenges and with the support provided by Hexistor both from the sales and technical side they shine through every time. Getting a call on a Tuesday morning to ask if we noticed a failure on a backup, or that note about a log error we should check and let them know if we need assistance. They are always there to walk through an issue or help us through a restore. The current company I am with (I started with them way back in 2006 under Four Seasons) has grown from just a handful of hotels to now being an international collection of hotels, without the continued support and continued innovation of Hexistor, Andrew and all of his team, we would not have been able to get here.

Video Testimony

How it works

Slide Image-based Backup Use first of a kind Linux and Mac agents,
as well as Windows agents for scheduling and
executing desktop image backups with the local SIRIS device.

These can be installed on any virtual or
physical workstations and servers running these
operating systems
Slide Screenshot Verification Automatic validation of backup integrity
immidiately after completed backup.
Slide Instan Virtualization Virtualize your entire business infrastructure
locally or in the secure Cloud platform
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