How to Install Linux agents on Datto

For the latest versions of linux on Ubuntu or Centos, please do the following:
For Datto Linux Agent: please refer to this link 

1. To install the agent, run the following command:

curl -sS | sudo bash

2. The installer will launch. Enter to agree to the software license agreement and install the Datto Linux Agent. 

3. The Datto Linux Agent will install the following packages:

  • dlad – The Datto Linux Agent Daemon
  • libiscsi-datto – iSCSI library for sending data to the Datto appliance iSCSI target
  • mercury++ – Networking transport library for communicating to the Datto appliance
  • mercuryftp – Data transport library for efficient backup transfer to the Datto appliance
  • dattobd-utils – Datto Linux Agent driver utilities package
  • dattobd (kernel module) – Kernel module source for dattobd managed by DKMS
  • dattobd-dkms (Debian/Ubuntu only)
  • dkms-dattobd (RHEL/CentOS only)
  • glib2_datto, libmicrohttpd_datto, libmount_datto, udisks2, libudisks2 (RHEL 6 only)

4. Once you’ve installed the Linux agent on your target machine, log into your Datto appliance’s GUI.

5. Click the Protect link in its top menu bar.

6. Follow the steps in the Protect a System Wizard article to add the protected machine to your Datto appliance. 

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