Firewall Rules for Datto and Cove

To allow the communication and management of your Datto appliance, request the following rules:

Assuming xx.xx.xx.xx is the IP address of your appliance.

For IP xx.xx.xx.xx allow ports 80, 443, 2200-2250,22, UDP 123 to have access to IP’s: port5044 port5044 port 443 and port 80 port 80 and port 2200-2250 port 80 through

Also allow xx.xx.xx.xx to resolve DNS to

And to allow the communication between the Datto appliance and the servers that will be backed up, request the following:

Between IP xx.xx.xx.xx and the whole vlan (or specific IPs), open TCP ports: 25566, 25568, 3260, 3262, 3389, 139, 445. This rule should be bidirectional, because source could be either way.

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