To start a file restore, follow the instructions below:

  • Over the Datto web portal, click on the Restore tab.
  • From there Choose a System that you want to restore from, Choose Recovery Type File Restore, and Choose a Recovery Point you need.
  • Click on Mount to proceed.
  • If the agent is encrypted, you would be required to enter the password at this point to have access to the contents of the backup.
  • From there you can access the contents of the restore over File Explorer. Just copy the UNC path that gets generated automatically in the Samba Share section and paste it over the address bar of Windows Explorer, so you can access everything over Windows.
  • Then just browse within the drives and folders to find what you’re looking for and copy/paste it over your desktop to recover it.
  • Once you’re done with the restore, click on Unmount to clear it, since the mounted restore uses resources from the Datto appliance and it can affect its performance.