1. Remove the Agent 
a. From the Datto portal, click on the Protect tab, then select from the list the agent that you want to remove. 
b. On the left side, click on the link Remove Agent. 
c. Confirm that you want to delete all the backups store for this backup by entering the phrase requested. 
2. Re-Add the Agent 
a. At the same Datto portal, on the Protect tab, click on the button ‘Add New Agent’ on the upper right side. 
b. Enter the IP address of the server that was removed. 
c. Copy the properties of one the agents that already exist selecting from the drop down list. 
d. In the next step where it would ask ‘Do you want to encryptthe agent’ select ‘yes’. 
e. Enter there a passphrase as a password for the encryption. Use the same password for all agents and remember to share it with your team. 
f. Hit on continue to finish the pairing of the agent with Datto. 
3. Start a Manual Backup 
a. From the Protect tab on the portal, click on Start a Backup.