To install the Datto Client:
1- Download the latest version of the Datto client from the
2- Run the installation, and click Next each time.
3- After the client is installed, you would have to restart the machine before the backup.
4- Once the machine is up, login to the Datto portal. Go to the Protect tab and click on the Add a New Agent button on the right side.
5- Choose type Agent Based System.
6- Enter the IP address of the machine where you installed the client.
7- When asked if you want to copy the settings from another server, select Yes. Then choose one of the servers you have there.
8- When asked if you want to encrypt the system, select Yes, then enter the encryption password that you used for the others servers. Remember that you have to save this password very well, because we cannot recover it, and if you lose it we would have to delete the data an re-pair the agent again.
9- Wait until the pairing process completes and you’ll be redirect to the Protect tab after.
See attached the knowledge base article with the detailed instructions.