For the long term retention for your cloud backups you’re expected to keep all daily backups of 30 days and then one backup per month for 7 years.

On Solarwinds, the 30 days daily backups are configured on our side and is already in place. Although, the configuration to store one backup per month has to be configured for each server over the Backup Manager.

To set this up, use the instructions below:

  1. Launch the Backup Manager client on the server by going to the browser and entering http://localhost:5000.
  2. Click on the Preferences tab and choose the Archiving option.
  3. Click on Add Archiving.
  4. Name. Enter End of Month Archiving.
  5. Time. Enter the time of the monthly backup you want to keep. By default, it could be set to 12:00 AM.
  6. Data Sources. Enter Files and Folders.
  7. Months. Enter All Months.
  8. Select Days of month and enter Last Day.
  9. Click on Save to complete.


However, currently there’s no way to specify a time limit for how long we will be keeping the backups stored because Solarwinds doesn’t configure maximum amount of time for the archival. So because of this all monthly backups are kept indefinitely until we manually delete them.