Restore files to the original server location using the Backup Manager, following the instructions below:

  1. Launch the Backup Manager client on the specific server by going to the browser and entering http://localhost:5000.
  2. Click on the Restore tab.
  3. Select Files and Folders on the left side.
  4. Over the Session date and time section, browse for the specific date you wish to restore and select the backup available on the right side.
  5. At the Files and Folders section, expand the backup content and find the data you wish to restore. Check the box to select.
  6. At the Restore location section choose:
  7. Restore to original location, to recover in the exact same folder where the contents existed.
  8. Restore to a new location, to specify a folder to restore the data on the same server.
  9. Select if you wish to Skip Files that have not changed, to reduce restore times by skipping processing for files identified as unchanged.
  10. Click on Restore to start the job.
    • You might receive a message asking to confirm if you would like to either Overwrite the files, to restore everything that existed on the backup as is, or to Skip, to restore only the files that were changed between the backup and the contents of the original location.