To reinstall Solarwinds on a server that was previously added, and still keeps the same hostname, please follow these instructions:

  1. On the server, download the installer from link:
  2. When you run it, the installation wizard will guide you through several quick steps:
  • Language Settings. Choose as needed.
  • Personal Access. Enter the Device Name and Password provided after adding the server in the Cloud Management Console.
    • To find these details again:
      • Login to the Cloud Management Console at
      • Go to the Dashboard.
      • Click on the server you need.
      • Then go to the Modification tab.
      • There you’ll find the Device Name and Password.
  • Security Code. Enter the passphrase you previously used to encrypt your data when the server was first added.
    • It is important to remember this security code, save it securely and share it with your team, since it will not be possible to access your backup data without it or to re-install the current Backup Manager device and it is not recoverable by Hexistor nor Solarwinds support.
  • Schedule your Backup. Specify the times you would like the server to start the daily backups. By the default you should only perform 1 Backup per day to go to the Cloud.
  • Report via Email. Enter your email address to start receiving email reports on the status of the backup activities.
  • File Selection. Choose the data that you want to send to the cloud. This option can be modified after the installation so you can skip it.
  • Complete the installation by clicking Done.