For servers that exist in a different vlan than the Datto appliance, the first step would be to create a firewall rule to allow the communication between both devices. So please request the following:

Between IP xx.xx.xx.xx and specific IP, open TCP ports: 25566, 25568, 3260, 3262, 3389, 139, 445. This rule should be bidirectional, because source could be either way.

Now, to install the client, use these instructions:


  1. Download the latest version of the Datto client you would like to use from this link:
    1. ShadowSnap – Version 4.0.0
    2. Datto Windows Agent – Version 2.2.0

Datto has available two different clients that can be installed on the servers to get them to backup. Both clients are compatible with all Windows versions and you can use either or without any requirements. We’ll provide both download links so you can have them available.

If we find that after installing one of these clients the server is not able to backup, and Hexistor support has troubleshooted the issue with you and found that the problem is not related to the firewall, we could recommend to install the other client to see if we could get it to work. Consult with Hexistor support with questions about this.

  1. Run the installation with administrator privileges.
  2. After the client is installed, you would have to restart the machine before it can run a new backup.
  3. Once the machine is up, log in to the Datto portal. Go to the Protect tab and click on the Add a New Agent button on the right side.
  4. Choose  Agent Based System.
  5. Enter the IP address of the machine where you installed the client.
  6. For the option, Do you want to create this agent based on a template or another agent?, choose Yes, please. Then Select a Template or agent from the dropdown. You can choose any of the servers you have already added to copy the settings it has, like scheduling, retention, screenshot verification schedule, etc.
  7. For the option, Do you want to encrypt your backups?, select Yes, please. Then enter a Passphrase. This password should be the same you have been using to add the other servers to the Datto, so it won’t be confusing to remember it. You have to save this password securely because we cannot recover it, and if you lose it we would have to delete the data and re-pair the agent again.
  8. Wait until the pairing process completes.
  9. After that, you’ll be redirected to the Protect tab and from there you can Start a Backup.