To include or exclude the files and folders considered for your cloud backups, and the selection for application specific files, use the steps below:

  1. Launch the Backup Manager client on the specific server by going to the browser and entering http://localhost:5000.
  2. Click on the Backup tab.
  3. Over the Protected Sources section, modify Files and Folders by clicking on Edit.
  • This will expand the filesystem from where you could browse to check/uncheck the specific locations you want to include/exclude for the backup.
  • Hit on Save once you complete your selection.
  1. System State. To backup the server as an image to be able to restore the operating system with its configurations. Click Add if you want to enable this or Edit to disable it.
  2. Over the Available Sources section, if the server has an application that wish to backup with that specific format, click Add to enable it, or Edit to disable it. For example MS SQL/Oracle, to backup these databases files.