This is the procedure to manage local users and contact information for the Datto appliance.
To access the Local Users configuration, follow these steps:
1-Open the GUI for the device.
2-Click the Configure tab, and click Local Users / Contact
Add a New Account
To add and configure a new local device user, follow these steps:
1-See the Add a New Account section of the page
2-Enter the Username, Password, and Password Confirmation.
3-Click Create Account.
4-The user will now show up on the right side of the screen, under Local Accounts
Configuring an Account
Web Access Enabled/Disabled
Web Access refers to the device’s Remote Web program. At least one account must have access to Remote Web, so you cannot disable it for all accounts.
The first account (the admin account) has web access enabled. Additional accounts have web access disabled by default. If you are creating NAS share users, we recommend leaving web access disabled. Click the Web Access Disabled button followed by clicking the Click to ENABLE web access box to confirm the account’s web access.
To edit the permissions for a user with web access, click the Edit Permissions button.
Change Password
Click this button to change the password for an account.
Delete Account
To delete an account, click Delete Account. You will be asked to confirm the deletion. Because there must be at least one account on the device, you cannot delete the last account.
Edit Permissions
To edit the permissions for a user with access to remote web, click the Edit Permissions button.