When a customer is ready to do a BMR process, to transfer the backup of a server to a physical machine, see below the steps to follow to start the process.
Ask the customer if the physical machine that they will restore to has a software RAID. If they do, you cannot use these instructions, but you would have to use the ShadowProtect BMR process instead: https://desk.zoho.com/support/hexistor/ShowHomePage.do#Solutions/dv/198762000000119011. If it is a hardware RAID, this process is good.
1. Download the Datto BMR 16.04 ISO from the following
3. Use these instructions to create a bootable USB with Rufus using the ISO
4. Once the USB is ready, request the customer to connect the USB to the physical machine.
5. For Four Seasons properties, ask the customer to connect a network cable to get the machine on vlan 10. It would also be required to have the Datto appliance connected to vlan 10 for this process, since this is the vlan with less restrictions to allow the communication necessary for this process. To check the steps to connect the Datto to vlan 10 are:
6. Request to turn the machine on booting from the USB.
7. Once booted in the BMR environment, the customer would have to set up a static IP for the physical machine. This IP should be a new, temporarily, IP on vlan 10 that nothing else is using. If the customer is not able to use the GUI to apply the static IP, create a ticket with Datto support so they can assist with the process and give you instructions to update the network from the command line.
As a reference, here are the instructions to update the network from the back end:
a. Boot the production machine into the BMR environment. Press CTRL+ALT+F1 on the target machine’s keyboard to switch to the BMR TTY environment.
b. At the prompt for a user name and password, enter datto in both fields. Press Enter.
c. Change to the root user by entering the “sudo -i” command.
d. Enter “service network-manager stop”
e. Enter “ifconfig eth0 xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx netmask”
f. Then enter  “route add default gw xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx”
g. After the network is set, to go back to the GUI, request the customer to press CTRL+ALT+F7.
8. Having the network ready, the rest of the process should go as in the Datto knowledge base article:
9. For any issues with the process, go back to Datto support so a DR technician can assist.