When the Solarwinds backup is failing with error ‘Failed to send some of the file’s data to storage’ for different folder locations, the solution is deselect/select again all the file system, so the process can refresh the data sources.

  1. On the server, go to Windows Services and restart ‘Backup Service Controller’.
  2. Launch the Backup Manager client by going to the browser and entering http://localhost:5000.
  3. Click on the Backup tab.
  4. On the Files and Folders section, click on Edit.
  5. Deselect the entire existing Files and Folders backup selection.
    1. Note: The following warning is displayed: “Please, confirm! The “Files and folders” has been excluded from backup. Do you want to delete the backup data belonging to this data source?” Select No.
  6. Hit on Save.
  7. Re-select the Files and Folders backup selection.
  8. Click on Save again.
  9. Run a manual backup to check the issue is resolved.