February 12, 2016


LOGO1VMware defines cloud computing as on-demand, elastic computing where IT or applications can be delivered as a service without respect to the underlying infrastructure.

VMware sees virtualization as the key technology that gives customers that evolutionary path to deliver a federated private cloud—and the first step is to bring cloud computing to their premises. VMware calls this an “internal cloud”. By combining VMware vSphere and VMware vCenter, users create a Cloud OS that can run on or off premise. VMware provides the journey to achieving the benefits of cloud computing, but in a way that serves customers’ purposes based on existing applications, infrastructure and data centers. VMware builds a bridge to external enterprise-ready clouds, through our community of cloud service providers.

VMware Cloud Computing has changed the datacenter landscape by harnessing server, network, and storage resources for unprecedented gains in economy and efficiency. VMware optimizes the shared resource pool to run multiple virtual machines (VM) on a single server to increase IT utilization up to 80%.

Most applications migrate seamlessly from the physical to virtual environment. However, traditional backup technology requires a rotational schedule of full and incremental backups where up to 200% of the primary data moves through the shared resource pool and out to the repository, either disk or tape. In scaling server optimization, that data is up to 80%. That much primary data for each application within a particular backup window becomes problematic.

Hexistor offers an automated hybrid cloud data protection solution that leverages VMware federation of image backup technology in the internal cloud with the external cloud disaster recovery services on a subscription basis.

Delivery of data protection as a utility over the hybrid cloud eliminates CapEx allocation for VMware backup hardware; software licenses & maintenance; and support. You protect your corporate assets while preserving valuable capital for customer acquisition and innovation.

In a VMware environment, the Hexistor EMC/Avamar backup agent can run directly on each virtual machine. Data deduplication is performed before any of the data is moved off the WMware guest to the repository. With EMC/Avamar deduplication, only 2-5% of the primary storage is moved to the repository optimizing server consolidation performance.