SUCCESS STORY – Trinity Networx Defeats Ransomware with Datto


Trinity Networx, LLC

Is a managed service provide located in Chino, CA. Trinity is a lean operation with only five employees,
but despite their small staff size, they deliver top-notch managed services to their clients.

“We want to make it as simple as possible for our clients. We want our managed services to feel as seamless and smooth as if we were the company’s internal IT department,” said Lance Reichenberger, CEO at Trinity. Trinity has been in business for over eight years, seeing exponential growth year after year. “Datto helps us grow in various ways. Whether it’s through co-branded marketing, the Datto Partner Portal, or training — they’re always looking out for partners,” Reichenberger said.

For Trinity, many issues can be traced back to end-user error. According to Reichenberger, they often don’t consider what is at stake for the company when they click on suspicious links or files, he said. This was exactly how one of their clients was infected with ransomware on two separate occasions when an
employee downloaded infected files via an email. The client is a staffing agency, dealing with various types of sensitive and personal data. In both cases, Trinity restored their data and avoided paying a ransom to regain access to their files.

Trinity cornered and isolated where the ransomware came into the system and shut off the map drives to stop propagation. They deleted all the data on the local servers and restored from a recovery point three hours prior to the infection. “We restored everything. The permissions were restored, files…they were up
and running in no time at all,” said Reichenberger.

According to Reichenberger, one of the most important tools to stopping ransomware is knowledge. If end users are aware of the consequences and what to look for, they’ll be better equipped to protect their data and avoid ransomware all together. “Almost all the time these instances are brought on by internal employees, so training is essential. They have to understand what causes this to happen and know how to recognize the ransomware and be able to avoid it,” said Reichenberger.

When education falls short, Trinity relies on Datto. “Havingthe instant virtualization allows us to increase uptime as well as ensure resiliency and allow our clients to sleep better atnight,” Reichenberger said. In addition to Datto technology, Reichenberger also applauds Datto’s outstanding tech support
for being there to troubleshoot and walk him through the entire process if he needs assistance.
According to Reichenberger, “when you’re dealing with files or records that affect an entire company, the profitability and its future, the data has to be protected and readily available.”
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Source: Trinity Network

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