February 12, 2016

Free Trial

Test Plan (1 Month)

The goal of the test plan is to be able to gain real world experience using your actual computers with our backup/recovery products.

At anytime you can have a meeting with our data protection experts to assure your installation is operating properly.

  • First: Provide HexiSTOR the necessary information about your system.
  • Second: Download and install the files needed for your system.
  • Third: Establish your polices and optionally add agents for Exchange, SQL, Oracle, etc.
  • Fourth: Run initial backup to completion.
  • Fifth: Preform test restores to see how easy and accurately your data can be recovered.
  • Sixth: Review on going reports monitoring day to day activity.

HexiSTOR will review your backup progress, and may offer suggestions in ways to streamline your daily backup activity.

HexiSTOR provides training making sure that the backup/restore application is being used to it’s potential.